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Cyberworks is the world’s oldest autonomous mobile robotics engineering company.

In 1984, we developed the world’s first autonomous robot, one that was able to see and understand the geometry of world around it and perform complex navigation tasks – without any pre-learning or apriori maps.

In 1987, we were first in the world to develop a fully autonomous industrial floor cleaning robot (i.e., one that did not require a first pass to teach it the layout of a room) and, in 1991, the world’s first robotically-assisted electric scooter for the disabled.

In the mid-1980s, Cyberworks was responsible for innovations in advanced parabolic multiplexed sonar remote-imaging arrays, which mitigated one of the fundamental confounds with traditional ultrasonic sensors: the ray geometry problem. At the same time, we pioneered the precursors of what came to be known as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and AI based navigation path planning, with techniques similar to Boustrophedon Cellular Decomposition – before BCD was published independently by researchers in the early 90s. Watch the short video of our early pioneering robots:

Images of some of our earliest pioneering robots

Cyberworks’ industry-leading status and its relationships with global corporations have been well documented in the New York Times, LA Times, Globe and Mail, etc. These articles were the result of independent journalism, as opposed to corporate PR hype. Copies of some of our earliest articles are linked on this page.

Over the years, as the company restructured, it became known as Cyberworks Robotics, Inc. Today, we are leading the next wave of innovations, both in autonomous navigation guidance systems with low-cost high-resolution 3D machine vision – hundreds of times more accurate than ultrasound – and in AI based path planning, using powerful new mathematical algorithms.

Whereas, in the past, we built complete robotic products like robotic floor sweepers, our new business model focuses only on developing Autonomous Navigation Guidance Systems: “the brains”.

Recent breakthroughs in our R&D and AI technology have allowed Cyberworks to develop this new generation of low-cost add-on autonomous navigation systems for the existing product lines of third party OEMs, and we are entering strategic partnership discussions with select OEMs, in order to adapt and commercialize the next generation navigation technology to third party scrubbers and sweepers, power wheelchairs, and other products.

Cyberworks is now leading the first wave of ubiquitous adoption of autonomous robotics technology. We work with several top tier universities on next generation technology development, under numerous government NSERC research grants – extremely difficult for private industry to obtain, and which attest to the credibility of our company within the scientific community. Our new generation of Autonomous Guidance System Technologies exceeds industry cost/performance requirements and we continue to maintain an aggressive R&D program and roadmap, focused on a wide range of AI navigation and sensor technologies, that will extend our leadership advantage even further in the coming years.


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We are looking for engineers with a background in ROS, vSLAM , SfM or robot vision systems.

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