The World’s Most Powerful Self-Driving Cleaning Technology

From the Company that Invented Robot Cleaning

Scrubber Robot

  • Choice of:
    • Retrofit Self-Driving Kits for Your Existing Fielded Manual Equipment or
    • Fully Turnkey Machines
  • Teach and Repeat Technology Learns the Best Cleaning Patterns from Your Seasoned Professionals and Cleans the Way THEY Want It Done
  • Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Modifies the Learned Cleaning Path to Accommodate Unexpected Changes
  • No Wifi or Internet Connections Required
  • Precision Cleaning of Very Large Complex Floor Plans
  • Email Alerts Notify the User of the Machine’s Progress
  • Works Around Difficult Environments Such as Reflective and Transparent Surfaces
  • Fully Manual or Autonomous Operation Modes
  • No Additional Setup or Mapping Labor Required