The World’s Most Powerful Self-Driving Cleaning Technology

From the Company that Invented Robot Cleaning

Scrubber Robot

Our autonomous self-driving kit can be installed on any conventional manually operated industrial floor scrubber or sweeper, thereby dramatically reducing operating labor cost.


  • Can be installed on any ride-on or stand-on floor cleaner, thereby converting standard equipment into autonomous self-driving equipment
  • The system uses AI to learn the best cleaning pattern from your normal cleaning person and repeats that pattern the next time
  • The system uses AI to adapt to changes in the building and re-adjusts its cleaning path accordingly
  • The system works even in very complex environments like shopping malls or airports
  • Unlike our competitors, our system does not require high speed cloud connection
  • Unlike our competitors, our system does not need to send map data to the manufacturer


“As a Senior Analyst at IBM ventureLAB in Toronto, I can validate that a Cyberworks floor cleaning robot has been deployed since April 2018 at our facility for approximately 3 hours per day during working hours in a live environment which, I have been told, is extremely complex for robotic deployment. There have been no accidents or damage and we are pleased to have Cyberworks operating in our facility.  It has been remarkable to witness this robot operating in continuous paths for hours at a time.”

— Chris Cory, Senior Analyst, IBM ventureLAB